Assignment 4

Assignment 4

Final Piece

Due Dec. 4

Two ideas due Oct. 21

Outline due Oct. 30

First draft for in-class edit due Nov. 11

Write a feature story of your choice. You can write about research happening on campus, about an issue students care about or cover a trend. These pieces should be longer and the reporting more in-depth than any of your other pieces. This piece is the capstone of the course.

Be sure you choose a topic that is both interesting and do-able in the time frame of the course.

I suggest you write the piece in the third person (no I, we, us, you etc.) as we have been doing. However, if you want to experiment with the first person, please talk to me. The piece must be 3-4 typed double-spaced pages and contain at least four sources, at least three of which you quote in the piece. (You should interview more people than you use).

Your classmates will serve as editors on this piece. There is no graded draft, although you will get a grade for the editing you do.

Use the techniques you have learned in critiquing weekly features and from seeing my edits of your drafts to rework your own pieces. I suggest you finish a few days ahead of the deadline and spend the last two days rewriting.

All pieces must be typed and double-spaced.



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