Ethics, news writing and profiles

Today we will:

Discuss journalism ethics — plagiarism, quote lifting, making up sources
Finish discussion of news writing
Discuss drafts 1 of your papers
Discuss profile writing
Talk about NYT piece on James H. Simons

SPJ Code

Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, Fareed Zakaria, Mike Barnicle, Rick Bragg, Patricia Smith

News writing examples

Explainer: NYT Ebola Q &A




  • Read: “Never Let Go.” Part 1
  • Read Field Guide Ch. 21
  • Work on rewrite of news story (due Oct. Tues, Oct. 14)
  • Think about scientist profile idea. You must have an idea and have it cleared by Tues, Oct. 14.  Also think about ideas for major research project — two pitches due 10/21

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