Harvey Berman Scientist Talk

Today we will:

  • Quickly review news and what is due and when
  • Discuss next week’s topics and readings
  • Listen to Harvey Berman’s talk and ask questions
  • Assignment 1 final draft due today at end of class
  • No class Thursday

News stories


Write the first five to seven paragraphs of a news or feature story based on the speaker’s talk. The assignment is due at the start of class on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

If you do a hard news lead, include the who, what where, when, why and who cares of the story in the first few paragraphs. Then follow it with a supporting quote and at least another paragraph.

If you do a feature lead, make sure you have a strong nut graph as your 3-4 paragraph. This explains what your story is about and why you are writing it. Include at least one quote from the speaker, plus a few supporting paragraphs below the quote.

  • There is no class Thursday, but you are responsible for the readings, which are: Field Guide 16-17 and Zinsser 12 and 15.
  • For Tuesday, please read Field Guide 23-25. We will be discussing these three chapters in class as we talk about bias in news.
  • Work on your news stories — first draft due 10/2

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